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Pamela (Pam) Caskie brings a wealth of tourism and economic development experience, as well as management analytics, to a new business venture. A Bryte Idea's mission is to help communities, businesses, and organizations better understand the trends, information, and opportunities that exist in the data of their organizations. 

Caskie is experienced in all these areas. She has worked as the Development Director in Sevierville, Tennessee; as the Director of the Economic Development District of the Western Slope's High County of Colorado; as well the municipal manager of towns in Vermont, the Poconos, and in Alliance, Nebraska -- home of Carhenge. Additionally, Caskie can assist with creating business opportunities by understanding the dynamics that are at work within a tourism dominant community or a leisure time-oriented business. 

Let Pam Caskie use her experience and expertise to assist your organization in improving your understanding and your bottom line.

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Pamela S. (Pam) Caskie


Sevierville, TN