Data Analysis

Data presented on a map

Tennessee Per capita Sales in each county

Use of Geographic Information Systems to display data can tell a compelling story about your customers, visitors, and the associations between them that  you might not have been able to see without a map.  


Economic Dashboard

Dashboards are a great way to capture a great deal of information in one capsulized picture.  More information is usually behind each element on the dashboard but good dashboards give you a sense of things without going any further.  

Changing it up


Taking a moment to look at data differently than the usual presentation will often reveal a new point of view.   

Using spreadsheets

Spreadsheet of tourism economies

Using Spreadsheets to highlight relevant details will help keep you on track.  

Using dots to determine intensity

Ownership of residential property in Sevier County, TN

Using a wide variety of graphics to allow the picture to form can provide understanding between seemingly unrelated pieces of data.

The finer the detail, the better the data


The more specific you can look at data, the more distinctions can be made about the subject.  You can always aggregate data.  It is much more difficult to take it apart.